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This week we are gonna talk about some practical things. I tend to spend a lot of time talking about mindset and preparation and both of those things are incredibly important, but there are a few practical items that are absolutely musical theater audition essentials.

Real quick, before I share these tips, let’s get a little business out of the way.

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Ok, back to my musical theater audition essentials

1. A Sturdy, Organized Audition Book

This is a complete non-negotiable. Even if they literally send you a specific song to prepare for the audition, you still need this!

The brand doesn’t matter, but I recommend a simple black binder no more than 1″ thick.

You should have a table of contents and tabs on each song for easy navigation in the audition room.

I also recommend including a sheet protector filled with a few copies of your headshot and resume for easy access.

2. A HydroFlask (or equally awesome water bottle)

There are a lot of knock-off brands as well, but I’m partial to the original Hydro Flask.

They just work so well and are great for the days when you really need to bring some Throat Coat Tea as well as the days when you are just bringing water.
You always want to have something on hand to keep your voice from getting dried out, especially if this is an open call and you will be sitting around for a while.

3. Dance clothes/shoes

A good rule of thumb is to always come prepared to dance, even if the breakdown doesn’t tell you to.
Sometimes these things come up at the last minute and you don’t want to be trying to learn a dance routine in your audition outfit!
Plus, I think it’s just good for your audition mindset in general.
Walking into the situation prepared for the callback helps to put you in a confident frame of mind and will help you audition better.

4. A Quality Protein Bar

It’s important to stay fueled for auditions…especially if they are open calls and you will be there for a few hours.

A lot of us have a tendency to *ahem* not eat before an audition because we are nervous and food makes us nauseous…but that will backfire on you.

Whether you eat before, during, or after the audition, come prepared to fuel your body right.

There are a TON of great bars out there, but my go-to is these ridiculously delicious Chocolate Decadence bars. (yes they taste as good as they look!)

5. Earbuds/headphones

It doesn’t really matter what they look like (but in case you haven’t noticed, I tend to gravitate toward everything teal!)
While there is a time and place for being social at auditions, there comes a point in the process where you need to focus.
Whether you are listening to your song, coaching sessions, or a pre-audition meditation, having a good set of earbuds is a necessity for getting your focus in place before your audition.
Side benefit, if they throw any vocal sides at you during the process, you can probably find it on YouTube real quick and get a vibe for how the song goes before you are thrown in the room to sight read it!

So those are my musical theatre audition essentials!
Do you agree? Have any you would add?
Post in the comments if you have any favorite things that are a MUST for you at every audition!
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