Super Common Audition Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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It’s time to talk about the thing we all fear most,  Audition Mistakes.
Let’s face it, we all imagine the day that we walk into an audition, completely NAIL it and get cast in the lead role on the spot. (Are you envisioning the audition montage from SMASH too?)

Let Me Be Your Star

That’s the fantasy, but it’s rarely the reality, right? Yet, somehow, actors are still cast in leading roles every day…so they must be doing something right!

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I am so glad you are here and taking the first steps towards taking control of your auditions and more importantly, your audition mindset!
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Ok, back to those mistakes we were going to talk about.

1. You Make Excuses or Preface Your Audition with a Disclaimer

Casting panels do not care if you are sick or if you just got the sides a minute ago. This is an audition, not an Opening Night performance. They are not expecting perfection (although, if we are talking about your prepared piece, it should be MUCH closer to perfection since ostensibly you had time to polish it)

They know that you just got the sides…they just gave them to you. If you have been working on your sight-reading and cold reading skills, you should be able to give them a strong idea of what your future performance would look like regardless of how long ago you got the sides.

That being said, though, if you DID get them in advance, you should learn them and be as close to memorized as possible. If nothing else, that shows them that you care enough about this show to do the work.

2. You Make Self-Deprecating Jokes or Comments

I know, auditions are awkward and uncomfortable…and what do many of us tend to do when we are uncomfortable?

Make jokes.

The thing is, just like it is SUPER important to be careful which words you say to yourself, it is just as (if not more so) important to be careful of the words you use with the panel. They may have just enjoyed your performance, but if you make a negative joke or comment about it, you have now put doubt in their mind and you do NOT want to do that.

3. You Don’t Take Direction

I talk a lot about the importance of bringing yourself to the room and performing your piece your way, rather than trying to be what you “think” they are looking for. I stand by that 100%

HOWEVER, once you have done the piece your way, it’s time to collaborate. If they give you direction or ask you to do it again in a different way…absolutely do it!

It is never a bad sign when you receive direction in an audition…it means they liked what they saw and they want to see more.

Trust me, if they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t give you direction to make it better. They don’t have time for that.

I actually talked about this exact topic when I was a guest on the WINMI Podcast. Check it out!

4. You Let the Competition Psyche You Out

I don’t care what city you are auditioning in, the theater world is a small world and you are going to keep running into the same people over and over again.

Regardless of how confident the competition seems…or how many “important” people they seem to know, the only way they really have any kind of advantage over you is if you tell yourself they do.

I know this sounds super basic (and also incredibly hard) but it’s also completely true.

5. You Don’t Prepare and Think You Can Just Wing It

Everyone needs to prepare. Whether you are going to your first audition or you go to auditions every day, you should never just wing it.

You might be able to get through your song, and maybe you will even sing it really well, but it won’t be the best you could do.

If you are auditioning all the time, then preparing may be as simple as scheduling a quick session with your coach for some outside feedback.

However, if it is your first audition, or first in a while, you might want to schedule some time with a coach to review your Audition Book. We grow as people and as performers and over time, the songs that we related to so well once upon a time, just don’t work the same way for us now.

So…now that you’ve realized that you are doing some (or maybe even all!) of these things, now what?

Don’t beat yourself up about it! Make note of the things you do (and if you have an opportunity to get feedback from anyone who has ever seen you audition, that could be incredibly valuable as well!) and let’s work to change them!

Simple shifts in your mindset can make a HUGE difference in many of these areas…and it’s super easy to start to prepare more!
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If you want to avoid making these mistakes, then you MUST be prepared, and that means that your Audition Book needs to be ON POINT!

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