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So what does that mean exactly?

It means that you are poised and ready, mentally, to grow your business idea…or side hustle…into the full-time business you’ve always dreamed of!

Practically, though, there are still a few things you might want to consider setting up to make sure that you don’t hold yourself back or slow yourself down as you build your dream business.

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People will try to tell you that “email marketing is dead”.

I couldn’t disagree more!

Sure, we have all these fun social media platforms (Facebook, IG, TikTok, etc.) where we can grow an audience, provide value, promote our products/services, and we might even make some sales that way too, but there is one really big problem with relying on those platforms to run your business.

You Don’t Own Them

I’ve been running a coaching business for close to 20 years now (I know…I must’ve started when I was 10, right?! 😜) and I’ve watched social media grow from it’s humble beginnings (Friendster, MySpace) to it’s current state as a powerhouse (Facebook, IG, etc.) and if there is one thing that has remained true over that time…it’s that they are always changing.

Including a solid email marketing strategy, along with email automation (so you don’t spend your whole life working on it), is an absolute necessity as you grow and maintain your small business.

The platforms may change, but you will always own your “list” and that is something no one can take away from you without warning!

Whether you have an email platform already or not (oh, and in case you were wondering, Gmail doesn’t count), this is the perfect time to re-evaluate and make sure that it is still the best platform for you now with your current goals.

My Free Automate Your Biz Mini-Course is the perfect place to start that evaluation. I hope you will join me there!

Landing pages go hand-in-hand with email marketing.

If you’ve ever tried posting on social media “Subscribe to my email list” you’ve most likely experienced the same thing as the rest of us.

So how do you grow this magical 🦄 email list I just mentioned?

Landing pages are a key part of that strategy. Landing pages are the public page (looks like a website, but technically isn’t…we’ll get to that later) where you direct people to go to sign up for your list…only you don’t just take their list…you give them something of value in return!

We talk about landing pages also in the Free Automate Your Biz Mini-Course so hop on over there and register!

This one might seem a bit abstract to you at the moment, but give me a few seconds and I will explain.

Email marketing…landing pages…even if you just barely know what those are right now, they are a bit more tangible for you at this point.

Business Process might be a bit of an enigma right now, but it is absolutely vital to the success of a growing small business…especially if you dream of ever having a team working with you/for you.

Business Process is a combination of the plan/strategy of your business and the systems (platforms, apps, etc.) that making everything possible.

Business Process is a completely individual piece of your business and no one can truly build a successful Business Process for you…but I can help to guide you as you build it for yourself!

Whether you plan to always work on your own or someday hire a team, until you have a clear Business Process in place, you will likely always feel a bit like this:

(I ❤ this movie!)

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I would absolutely love to help you come up with a custom process that is just right for you and your [future] team!

Schedule a 15-minute Free Consultation with me ASAP and we’ll discuss the best path forward together!

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