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Checking off a to-do list

Why do I wear my busyness as a badge of honor?

“Hi! Wow, I haven’t seen you in FOREVER!!! How ARE you?!”

“So busy!! But good! You?”

Sound familiar? This reply to “How are you?” is like my default auto-reply.

I don’t know if I say it because I’m trying to explain away why I haven’t stayed in touch more…or because I feel like it implies that things are going so well because I have so much to do…but if I don’t take a beat to actually think before responding to this question, inevitably, this is what comes out of my mouth (or my fingers!) every time!

Why is that?

Real quick, let’s get the introductions out of the way, shall we?

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

I’m Kelly Gabel and I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur empowering female #solopreneurs to get tech savvy and make an impact! πŸ’™

I know what it’s like to start a business and then wake up one day and realize it’s NOTHING like you thought it would be!

I’ve got you!

Your unique talents and voice are so needed in the world and I am honored to have the opportunity to help you take the first steps towards creating the business you actually want!

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What is it about being busy that we are so proud of? I mean, do we really think that our life is supposed to be so frenetic that we barely know what day it is or where we are at any given moment? I know I don’t!

I’m not sure when it started, but at some point in time, we (ladies especially!) started to fill our time with a crazy list of “to-do’s”.

βœ” laundry

βœ” dishes

βœ” clean house

βœ” make dinner (healthy and from scratch, of course!)

βœ” work 9 to 5

βœ” workout at least 5 times a week

βœ” start a side hustle

βœ” be superwife/mom/daughter/sister/friend, etc.

(I could go on and on, but you get the gist, I’m sure)

Aren’t you exhausted?!! I know I am!!!!!

When did busyness become a badge of honor in our society? When did we decide that if we have time each day to sit and self-reflect or, God forbid, relax, then we are doing something wrong?

And ya know what? There is nothing wrong with having things to do. The problem is, somewhere down the line, our self-worth became tied to the length of our list and how successfully we complete it.

I don’t know when it happened or how I fell into the trap, but I have a feeling I’m here in good company and I think it’s time we rewrite this story, don’t you?!

Let’s start by writing that default auto-reply, shall we?

Rather than saying

“So busy!! But good! You?”

I’m gonna say “Amazing! Working hard and feeling great! You?”

Ok, now you. Rewrite your default auto-reply in the comments!

To Your Purposefull Life,



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