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Creating Content Ok, the time has come for you to start building your first good tech habit! Don’t worry, you aren’t alone here! Not only am I here for you anytime (just drop a comment below, I swear I’m a real person, and I’ll respond!), but the rest of the Tech-Savvy community is doing this right along with you!

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Real quick, let’s get some introductions out of the way, shall we?

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

I’m Kelly Gabel and I am a multi-passionate, Faith-based solopreneur. Through the Tech-Savvy Academy, my mission is to help you Identify, Simplify, and Automate your Business Processes. I know what it’s like to start a business and then wake up one day and realize that running a business is NOTHING like you thought it would be!

I’ve got you!

Your unique talents and voice are so needed in the world and I am honored to have the opportunity to help you take the first steps towards creating the business you actually want!

For more free business training, come join me over on YouTube! You can leave comments there with specific tools and training you need. You should also come join the It Takes a Village: Solopreneur Success Through Community Facebook group! This is not your mother’s Facebook business group 😉 I sincerely hope you hop over there! I would love to connect with you personally!

I know that your strategy for communicating with your audience probably doesn’t look the same as mine. So these tech habits you are going to start to build are customizable to your business…just based on what I’ve experienced to be best practices for myself and my clients.

One of the things that overwhelmed me the most when I decided to get serious about my content strategy was feeling like I didn’t have enough to say or enough time to create quality content consistently.

So the first tech habit we are going to start with is…

Creating Content

You might be thinking, “how is creating content a tech habit?”

Well, gee, I’m so glad you asked! 😜

One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients making when they approach their business is thinking that they should just dive in and everything will work itself out.

Now, I’m a huge believer in messy action, but sometimes, you are just setting yourself up to fail if you dive in without a plan, and I’m all about helping you succeed! I’m going to help you get started off on the right foot.

So…first things first, answer these three questions for yourself (and feel free to comment and tell me too!! I would love to hear what you will be planning with me this month!)

  1. Which platform of communication do I want to use, primarily, to communicate with my audience (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, IG, TikTok, Pinterest, Podcasting, etc.) 
  2. How often can I realistically and consistently commit to sharing content through this platform (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, etc.) **important note: Best practices and my own personal experience show that it’s best to prioritize quality over quantity. So truly think about how often you can consistently share quality content on this platform, and don’t worry about the “should’s” you might be hearing from others based on which platform you are using.** 
  3. What is the overall theme of the content I want to share with them (This can be based on your I Help statement if you have one. For example, because I help women solopreneurs simplify and automate their business, that’s the overall theme of the content I share)

Once you have answered these questions, you will know exactly how to proceed with building this tech habit. Based on your preferred platform and the frequency you’ve decided to share content through that platform, you are going to spend the next 30 days planning/creating a month’s worth of content based on the overall theme you have clarified with question 3. Figure out how many pieces of content you need to create weekly in order to stockpile a month’s worth of content, and start planning/creating today!

Let it Be Easy –