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We are in the middle of a really unique and challenging time in our history. Each of us experiences this pandemic and self-isolation in completely different ways and we face unique challenges.

Between the anxiety of social isolation, financial fears, and worries for our health and the health of our loved ones, it seems that crisis always brings our deepest fears to the surface.

So how can you be one of those people who rises to the challenge and makes the most of a difficult situation – COVID-19 and beyond?

Before we dive deeper into this topic, let’s get some introductions out of the way first.

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

I’m Kelly Gabel and I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur empowering female #solopreneurs to get tech savvy and make an impact! 💙

I know what it’s like to start a business and then wake up one day and realize it’s NOTHING like you thought it would be!

I’ve got you!

Your unique talents and voice are so needed in the world and I am honored to have the opportunity to help you take the first steps towards creating the business you actually want!

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I am not about to pretend that these tips are going to work for everyone. There are so many variables to our circumstances and how we react to adversity is a deeply personal journey.

However, these tips have been life-changing for me, and I hope they are the same for you!

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

You may be wondering why this is my #1 tip. It seems far less relevant in this situation, right? Wrong!

When I say balanced, I truly mean balanced. It is extremely important for your health that you are eating nutrient-dense foods that are fueling your body and boosting your immunity.

It is equally important for your soul that you allow yourself some grace when it comes to comfort foods. It’s OK to indulge in some sweets or savory treats to help yourself cope with the emotional and physical stress…but all in balance. Listen to what your mind and your body are telling you they need!

2. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is vital. Lack of sleep is affecting you in ways you don’t even realize (physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, relational health, etc.) I could probably do an entire blog post on this topic, but I’m just going to keep it really simple.

The quantity and quality of your sleep during difficult times are directly affecting how you respond to whatever is coming your way.

It may not be possible to sleep 8 hours a night, but make it a priority to sleep as much and as well as you can.

Both your body and your mind desperately need this time to repair and refresh after a long day, so do yourself a favor and give them the chance to do that.

3. Manage Your Stress

I know this is easier said than done. Stress is inevitable even when you aren’t being told to stay home indefinitely with no clear end in sight. During a crisis, the stakes are simply higher and we are, typically, less prepared to handle it.

Stress is a killer, though. Physically, for sure, but stress will also absolutely murder your positive attitude.

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to manage your stress. The endorphins released when you workout go a long way towards improving your mood and releasing stress. High-intensity workouts like kickboxing or running are an awesome way to release tension, while yoga is a great way to work on breathing techniques and meditation to help you refocus anxiety into something productive.

In addition to exercise, I also like to supplement my nutrition with adaptogens that help my body handle stress, and essential oils to calm my mind. These are my favorites right now.

4. Time Management and Routine

Parents and parenting coaches always talk about how important schedule and routine are for kids to feel safe and secure, but did you ever stop to think about what it does for you?

There are a LOT of people working from home right now, some of whom have never done it before. While the idea of working from home sounds awesome to most people, it can also be really overwhelming…especially when it’s all of a sudden, every day, and you have no idea when it will end.

If this is where you find yourself right now, time management techniques are going to be your new best friend (no social distancing required!).

There are typically two different types of struggle when you work from home.

1. You Find it Hard to Focus

This can happen to anyone, but it seems to be exacerbated when you have kids in your home as well. Whether you are rolling out of bed and straight to that conference call or Zoom meeting, or you start your day by getting your kids set up for distance learning, it’s a real challenge to manage your time well to be fully present in each of your roles.

2. You Can’t Set Work/Life Boundaries

On the flip side, you might find yourself feeling chained to your home workspace, unable to fully “clock out” when you should. Hours go by before you realize that you haven’t moved from that spot…or even taken the time to eat. This is just as detrimental to your health and ability to be a good remote employee. Your mind and body both need breaks (and sustenance) to refuel and refresh so that you can be fully present in all of your roles.

So what can you do to fix this?

There are a few simple things that you can do to create routine in your day and help you create that necessary work/life balance.

Infographic of Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a simple way to divide up your time and help you to be fully focused and present while you are working, while also not forgetting to take your necessary breaks.

You may need to use different quantities of time, based on how your business works, but the concept is the same.

Time Blocking

If you are unfamiliar with time blocking, it is essentially a style of time management that is based less on how much time each task will take and more on focusing on one thing at a time (rather than the multi-tasking that so many of us pride ourselves in!)

For a more in-depth look at Time/Calendar Blocking, check out this blog post where I dive deeper into Calendar Blocking.

Morning Routine

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about those of you who are not able to work during this time. I think that time management, and especially routine, are even MORE vital for you during this time of anxiety and uncertainty.

The first few days of sleeping in and binging Netflix all day may or may not have been awesome for you. The thing is, we need structure and schedule in our lives or anxiety and even depression start to creep in.

The best way to prevent that from happening is to start your day the same way every day. This is super important all the time, but especially in a time like this!

You can (and should!) build other routines throughout the day/week as well, but how you start your day is a big part of determining how that day will go.

I have a free guide to help you create your Perfect Morning Routine. Get yours now!

5. Stay Connected

You might not be able to leave your house to socialize right now, but that certainly doesn’t mean you are alone!

In fact, I have personally spent more time catching up with friends all over the world during this time of self-isolation than I have in the past year combined!

When friends move away, we always say we’ll stay in touch because that’s “so easy” with technology these days. It’s true, the tech is certainly there, but when do we make the time?

That is what I am loving the most about this crazy time. It’s forced me to slow down and take the time for the things that matter to me most.

During this isolation, I am working 40 hours a week at my corporate job, working on awesome content and programs for you guys (yay!), working out almost every day of the week, AND spending more time with my friends! (virtually, of course!)

I’m also getting more and better sleep…hmmm go figure!

I know that this time is really hard and I don’t mean to downplay it at all, but I think we have two choices when we face adversity:



Which do you choose?

To Your PurposeFull Life,


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