Creating New Ways to Use Trello in Your Business

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I’ve COMPLETELY drunk the Trello Kool-aid!

All (but one) of the templates I’m talking about in this video will be included in the Tech-Savvy Academy Membership!

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So it’s no secret…I’m OBSSESSED with Trello!!! I’m about to show you behind the scenes of the Tech-Savvy Academy and how I manage to run my business, work my corporate job, and still enjoy my life…for FREE!!

I started using Trello to manage tasks in my business, but little did I know how much power that one tool could have over my life too!

Do you have any questions, tips, or ideas about Trello? Tell me in the comments section below!

I’m Kelly, your Tech-Savvy Business Mentor! My greatest passion is helping solopreneurs, like you, grow your business without missing out on your life!

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I am a multi-passionate Faith-based entrepreneur, empowering female #solopreneurs in their Business Process and Automation Transformation! 💙

6 thoughts on “Creating New Ways to Use Trello in Your Business

  1. I use Restyaboard, another free project management software to plan my trips for leisure, for work, and with or without collaborators. A good free alternative to Trello.

    1. Brenda, Thanks for sharing this free resource! I am able to do most of what is shown above using my free Trello account as well, but I am always happy to learn about free options because systems are certainly not one-size-fits-all!

  2. Hello! I am trying to sign up for the Trello free template for the business command center and the system is stating error. Is there a different link to use?

    1. So sorry about that! I believe you are all set now that we have chatted through the site, but you should have received an email with that link as well so hopefully, you are all set! Thank you for letting me know about the error so that I was able to fix it for everyone!

  3. Thanks for this video! I was using Trello regularly a few years ago, and have recently rediscovered it… so many great tips I can put into action.

    1. Victoria, I’m so glad to hear it! Trello can be such a powerful tool! How were you using it primarily before?

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