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by Kelly L. Gabel
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Tech Tip

I don’t normally use a TSA Weekly email solely to promote the Academy, but this week is special.

Not only was my birthday yesterday, but an idea that has been brewing in my mind for a few years has finally become reality this week!

Yesterday, I launched the Tech-Savvy Academy Membership.

Instead of constantly launching new courses individually, I’ve decided to include ALL of my existing and future courses (plus ALL of my existing and future Trello templates) in a monthly Membership.

By doing this:

I can focus my emails on providing value rather than selling to you.

You can take the courses you are interested in when it’s convenient for you

You can keep that “Never Stop Learning” mindset without exceeding your budget

These are all things that are super important to me, and I’m so excited to be opening the doors to this one-of-a-kind Membership this week!

Ready to check it out?


Let it be Easy,

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