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by Kelly L. Gabel
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Tech Tip

🔥 Solopreneur burnout 🔥

It’s rarely a result of the time you spend doing the things that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

It’s all the “stuff” you didn’t expect, that has to get done in order to keep your business running and growing smoothly.

I remember hearing that phrase, “I’d rather work 80 hours a week for myself than 40 hours a week for someone else.” and I always responded with a resounding YES!


What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could actually work LESS than 40 hours a week for yourself and still have the business you dream of?

Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?


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Sometimes, we aren’t aware of where our time is actually spent.

Take a look back at your schedule for April. How much time did you actually spend working on your business?

How much of that time was spent on your life work and how much on busy work?

Let it be Easy,

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