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Tech Tip

I owe you an apology.

I realized that, unintentionally, I’ve been lying to you.

Everyone talks about work/life balance l, how important it is, AND that you can have it…even me!


While I do believe that you can achieve work/life balance, I haven’t been explaining well HOW you do that. That stops now. I’m about to let you in on the, apparently, secret sauce behind true work/life balance.

It’s all about your SYSTEMS.

Here is some truth that you need to know about Work/Life Balance:

🤓 Work/Life balance doesn’t come easily, and it doesn’t come quickly.

🤓 You can’t just decide to set boundaries and only work a certain number of hours a week and achieve balance.

🤓 Work/Life balance can only be achieved when you have clearly defined processes and systems running your business…even if you plan to hire others to do things for you

👀 Did you catch that? 👀

Systems aren’t just for us DIYers… In fact, they become even more important when you hire or outsource aspects of your business.

If you’ve been struggling to find work/life balance and you think that it “must be you” because everyone else makes it look easy… I’m sorry for not making it more clear.

It’s not you. It’s your SYSTEMS.


work/life balance


If this is a wake-up call for you ⏰️, please leave a comment. Let’s figure it out together.

Let it be Easy,

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