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Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve recently finished reading James Clear’s ingenious book Atomic Habits. Lately, I tend to read e-books more often than not, but boy am I glad I opted for a physical copy this time…it now bleeds highlighter yellow!

I was inspired by so many things in this book, but while reading chapter 16, I was especially impacted by this quote, “Habit tracking provides visual proof that you are casting votes for the type of person you wish to become.”

I’ve shown you in previous videos how I use Trello as a rolling to-do list, but because it always resets to the next time I’m supposed to perform that task, it doesn’t provide that visual proof he’s talking about in the book.

But then I started thinking…I’ve tried tracking habits before and, as James mentions in the book, it doesn’t last very long so…what if I could automate it…with TRELLO!!

Hence, the fully-automated Trello Habit Tracker was born and that’s what I’m showing you today!

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